The Process of Logo Designing

The first thing I did was stopped showing a pdf to my clients.
I took on a more active role. I now hop on a Video Call with my clients to present the logo in a Keynote presentation.

I fire up the Keynote and begin with a short description of the creative direction that we had initially come up with.  It helps my clients remember the strategy we discussed earlier in the process. This avoids any confusion as to why certain decisions were made.

I also include a slide with the Inspiration board which helps them to get into the “mood” that was created.

I explain the concept behind the logo, the inspiration that went into designing it, how I arrived at the final design.

For more details into the concept and design explanation :
The one concept approach in logo design

I reveal the logo with colors.
It’s a single slide with only the logo so that the design has room to breathe.

In the next slide, I present the logo using mockups in contextual real-world scenarios where they are likely to use the logo. Social media profiles, business cards, envelopes, website, packaging are usually a good start.

I present the mockups because just the logo is not enough. It's hard for the client to imagine if this logo would work for them no matter how good the logo looks by itself. It’s about bridging the gap between the designer's vision and the client's imagination.

I also mockup the logos in larger than life scenarios like billboards, side of a building, banners, etc. This is really exciting for them to see how well the designs hold up in these scenarios!

I use as many slides as I possibly need in this step.

Next, I include the color palette for the brand and explain the decisions behind why those colors were selected. 

I also give the colors their own unique names depending on the brand's personality so they are easier to remember.


Next, depending on the needs of the brand I showcase the logo being used with the imagery, patterns, textures, etc.

These are not necessarily mockups.

It could be a logo overlay on the brand's images or being used as a watermark etc

End with a single slide with the logo in color so the clients can once again focus back on the logo and see the beauty of the design without distractions.

While I do maintain a template for the presentations I don’t necessarily follow this order of presentation.

I simply do what I feel is natural for the brand. I play around with the layout until I feel there is a certain flow to the narrative being build up. 

While these extra steps may seem like a lot of work but they have made my process a lot more seamless. These presentations get the conversations moving in the right direction instead of awkward silences.

The majority of my clients are not designers and it is my job to make the process as smooth as possible for them. And this major overhaul in the process has been working wonderfully!

Tushar Kaushik
Founder at Diffusion Marketing Solutions


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